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Major Programs 2018/4/26 15:05:24
ha-03_scie2012 Top One-Tenth Impact Factor List 2018/4/26 10:32:06
Theory of Locomotive-Track Coupling Dynamics, Key Technologies and Application in Engineering Practice 2018/4/24 11:45:15
Theory of Dynamics for High-speed Train Large-scale Coupling System and the Application 2018/4/24 11:44:29
The Integrated Monitoring Technology and Equipment for High-speed Railway Power Supply 2018/4/24 11:42:42
The Detection Technology for the Safe Operation of Key Traction Power Supply Equipment 2018/4/24 11:40:56
Safety Control and Efficient Excavation Technology for the Construction of Shield Tunnel on the Sandy Cobble Stratum 2018/4/24 11:38:28
Key Technologies for the Large-scale Tunnel Construction and Operation Safety in Complex Environments 2018/4/24 11:37:09
High一speed Rail Track Regularity Keeping Techniques 2018/4/24 11:34:47
High-speed Rail Contact Network Technology Based on Coupling Dynamics: The Technological Innovation and Application of Pantograph System 2018/4/24 11:33:21
High-speed Railway Bridge Structure Analysis and Safety Control Technology in the Complicated Environment 2018/4/24 11:29:54
Research on the Key Technologies for High-speed Turnouts 2018/4/24 11:28:18
A Whole Set of Technologies for Precise Engineering Surveying of High-speed Railways 2018/4/24 11:26:44
Preparation System for Train Operation Diagram 2018/4/24 11:25:40
Rail Transit Welding Vehicle 2018/4/24 11:24:45
Tooth Biotribology Mechanism Research 2018/4/24 11:23:07
The ASP/SaaS一based Industrial Value Chain Collaboration Platform for Manufacturing Industry 2018/4/24 11:22:13
Manufacturing Technology of High Field Superconducting Material Nb3Al 2018/4/23 23:25:34
Wheel-set Inspection Equipment System for High Speed Railway 2018/4/23 22:45:07
Ratchetting and Ratchetting一Fatigue Interaction of Engineering Materials 2018/4/23 22:05:58
Flow-induced vibration Theory of Nuclear Reactor Structure and the Application in Engineering 2018/4/23 21:45:25
Research and Development of Program Credibility Automatic Verification Tool 2018/4/23 21:00:17
Research of Innovative Automatic Reasoning System 2018/4/23 20:55:22
Key Technologies of Cardiovascular Medical Devices Surface Modification 2018/4/23 20:55:05
Study on the Industrialization of Advanced Implantation and Intervention Medical Devices 2018/4/23 20:40:02
Biodegradable Shape Memory Recovering Support Stent for Esophagus Stenosis 2018/4/23 20:30:40
Research on Multi-dimensional Antibacterial Nano-materials 2018/4/23 19:55:23
Systematic Study on the Medicinal Ingredients of Aconitum Kusnezoffii 2018/4/23 19:30:27
Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) 2018/4/23 19:05:05
Study on Targeted Polypeptide Anticancer Drugs 2018/4/23 18:50:20
Study on the Innovative Medicine, Anti-anxiety Pterocephanoside Extracted from Valerians jatamansi 2018/4/23 18:05:16
Train Operation Diagram Compilation Systems 2014/5/4 13:49:06
Research on EMU Bogies at 250 km/h and its Application 2014/4/3 8:37:08
Novel Railway Ticket Information Security Systems 2014/3/31 13:55:59
Mobile Rail Vehicle of the Numerical Control Gas Pressure Welding 2014/3/19 14:12:31
Key Technologies and Equipment for Virtual Operating Environment of High-Speed Railway and Urban Rail Train 2014/3/5 9:35:34
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