The BBC reported the latest research progress of high temperature superconducting magnetic levitation in SWJTU 2018/4/26 18:39:27
Dr. Luo Mingxing, a young teacher of the School of Information Science and Technology, published the important research results on quantum network in the international top academic journal 《Physical Review Letters》 2018/4/22 14:20:28
Professor Ma Zheng from School of Information Science and Technology won the title of Marie Curie scholar 2018/4/21 14:23:48
SWJTU and Chery sign strategic cooperation agreement 2018/3/5 10:35:09
‘Optical Communications & Sensing Applications Talents Introducing Center’ Granted for Construction 2018/2/5 9:51:04
The holding of“2017 International Workshop on Advances in Information Coding and Wireless Communications (AICWC’2017)” 2018/1/15 9:59:31
SWJTU delegation visits Organization for Cooperation of Railways and universities in Russia and Greece 2017/11/28 10:28:48
SWJTU Internationalization Strategy Promotion Convention held 2017/11/9 11:26:47
The Second Edition of Rough Set Summer School Held by SWJTU Makes It a Success 2017/9/13 10:07:05
“KDD Summer School – Data-Driven Intelligence” was Successfully Held in Southwest Jiaotong University 2017/9/7 10:14:20
Achievements on traction substation research passed provincial assessment 2015/1/22 10:54:49
Two projects from SWJTU won national top S&T awards 2015/1/22 10:51:53
Intel-SWJTU Maker Center established 2014/12/25 8:43:33
International Seminar on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Open Talent Policies held in SWJTU 2014/11/18 8:47:13
First meeting on iCloud technology services alliance held 2014/10/22 9:10:55
National Natural Science Foundation of China visits SWJTU 2014/10/14 9:55:02
SWJTU and Tibet Autonomous Regional Government signed cooperation agreement 2014/10/8 8:33:55
Scientific Research Base Conference Kicked Off 2014/6/27 0:18:51
China Urban Mass Transit Forum 2014/6/24 8:10:28
University S&T project passed provincial assessment 2014/6/2 9:21:50
MOT official inspects key laboratories 2014/5/23 9:00:06
Southwest Jiaotong University Rewrites The History Of Chinese Rail Vehicles By The Research And Development Of Manned HTS Maglev 2014/5/4 18:46:50
Changjiang Scholar Gave Lecture on Satellite Navigation System 2014/4/18 22:57:05
Wang Yanjue Inspects Southwest Jiaotong University 2014/4/18 22:25:36
Collaborative Innovation Center of Railway Transport Equipment Technology Convened First Meeting 2014/4/14 22:31:12
SWJTU Hosts National Science &Technology Conference for Colleges and Universities 2014 2014/4/11 22:53:25
SWJTU Researchers Won Provincial Science and Technology Awards 2014/4/7 22:36:09
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