Abstract: From Pixel to Perception: Beautiful Appearance and Semantic Content


Lecturer: Prof.Guoping Qiu
Time: 10:00-11:30 AM NOV.10
Location: 9304, Xipu campus
Guoping Qiu is Professor of Visual Information Processing at the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. He is also Director of the International Doctoral Innovation Centre (IDIC), a 170 million RMB (£17 million) investment venture to train PhD students in the areas of energy technologies and digital economy, at the University of Nottingham’s China Campus. He has taught in universities in the UK and Hong Kong and also consulted for multinational companies in Europe, Hong Kong and China. His research interests include image processing, pattern recognition, multimedia signal analysis and digital economy. He has published widely and also holds several European and US patents.
Millions of cameras are imaging the world every day. Image and video processing has well passed the phase of “good enough” quality. The next generation imaging systems demand “superquality” for enhanced visual experiences. Managing internet-scale, billions of photographs and videos, requires understanding of their semantic contents. In this talk, I will highlight recent progress of our work in building a high dynamic range video system and in developing the Fast Semantic Nearest Neighbour (FISH) solution for automatic image labeling. I will show how high dynamic range imaging technology will revolutionize digital photography and video and how machines can learn to understand the semantics of visual contents.

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