Hydrogen induced disproportionation of hydrogen absorbing alloys



Lecturer: Prof. Hara Masanori

Time: 10:00-12:00 AM Nov.11

Location: 4210, Jiuli campus

  Hara Masanori : (associate professor in Hydrogen Isotope Research center at University of Toyama) Dr. Hara has studies the tritium handling technique for 20 years. He has published over 50 papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings on metal hydride, tritium breeding materials and tritium handling.

  Hydrogen absorbing alloys can be applied to various hydrogen handling processes as hydrogen storage, hydrogen purification, hydrogen isotope separation and so on. Many researchers are interested in the physicochemical properties of hydrogen absorbing alloys. Regrettably, hydrogen absorbing alloys decompose to the metal hydride and the other alloy with hydrogen absorption - desorption cycles. This phenomena is known as the hydrogen induced disproportionation (denote as HID), HID of zirconium-based alloys was studied in view from the solid state reaction, because the rate of HID strongly depends on the alloy composition and the zirconium alloys were recognized as candidate materials for tritium handling in ITER. Tritium handling materials are required to possess high durability for safe handling of radioactivity.


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